The new Russian electric car Monarch is available for pre-orders

The new Russian electric car Monarch is available for pre-orders


Rambler.- Monarch company has announced the completion of the development of its electric vehicle, which will be the first premium segment electric car manufactured in Russia. The starting price of the Monarch vehicle, which is currently in the certification process, will be $58,100 (4.4 million rubles). 

The electric vehicle, which is built on its own platform, will be named as Monarch Concept. The dimensions of the vehicle are as follows: 5002 mm length, 1950 mm width and 1420 mm height. Monarch Concept has a wheelbase of 3070 mm. 

As shown in the official site of the project, the electric car will be available in two versions – S 200 and S 400. The first version is equipped with a 272 hp powertrain and a 60 kw/h battery. The vehicle accelerates from start to 100 km/h in 5 seconds. S 200 has a maximum velocity of 250 km/h and a travel range of 372 km, once fully charged. 

The more powerful version S 400 is equipped with a 544 hp powertrain and an 80 kW/h battery. According to the developers, the vehicle accelerates from start to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds, which is only 0.1 seconds slower than the top-end Tesla Model 3. S 400 can travel at a speed of 260 km/h and the journey range of the vehicle in one charge is 407 km. 

According to RBK data, the certification process of the Russian super-sedan electric car will be in two stages. To begin with, the company will manufacture a limited batch of automobiles and switch to a more mass production regime in due course. Initially, 10 electric cars will be assembled with serial numbers, which will be available for orders from the partners of the company and large business corporations, as of 10 November. The prices of the exclusive batch will start from $150,000 (approximately 11.4 million rubles). 

The electric vehicles, which will be manufactured later, will have more modest prices, starting from $58,100 for S 200 (4.4 million rubles) and $61,000 for S 400 (4.6 million rubles). Nevertheless, the new prices are higher than announced a year ago, when the company set the cost at 1.5 million rubles. 

The pictures of the prototype of the Monarch electric car appeared on the web for the first time in December 2019, however, the actual presentation did not materialise. The prototype turned out to be a dummy fixed on a cargo platform, had an unpainted body and was completely devoid of optics.