VW Group Rus begins to work with Rosseti in the field of electric mobility

VW Group Rus begins to work with Rosseti in the field of electric mobility

RusAutoNewsCom.- As announced by the company press office, VW Group Rus together with Porsche Russland LLC announces the conclusion of a cooperation agreement with Rosseti in order to expand the retail market for electric vehicles and develop a network of charging stations in the Russian Federation. The key idea of the cooperation is to popularize electric vehicle technologies in Russia by the leaders of the automotive and electric grid markets. For this purpose, in addition to using the companies’ own resources, it is planned to create a working group to develop a set of measures to promote electric vehicles and develop the charging infrastructure in Russia and to involve public authorities in cooperation.

VW Group Rus, as part of the agreement, aims to bring new electric cars under Audi brand to the market. Moreover, the company intends to develop the service infrastructure for maintenance and servicing of electric cars in Russia, which includes supplying service stations with the necessary equipment and additional training of qualified personnel. Volkswagen Group Rus also plans to equip its own brands’ official dealerships with charging infrastructure. Corresponding intentions and tasks are also relevant for Porsche Russland LLC.

Rosseti, the electric grid operator in Russia and one of the largest electric grid companies in the world, which operates in 80 regions of the Russian Federation, is planning large-scale work to develop the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles throughout the country in order to achieve its goals. Moreover, as part of the cooperation, there are negotiations about giving Volkswagen Group Rus access to Rosseti’s branded platform solution, which provides access to an interactive map of charging stations and charging fee payment service, which will be available to users of Audi branded mobile app.

Stefan Mecha, General Director of VW Group Rus, said: “Volkswagen Group Rus, being one of the largest foreign investors in the Russian automotive industry, do not stand aside from the global trend on development of e-mobility. Popularization of innovative and environment-friendly electric vehicles is possible only together with development of infrastructure. Our cooperation with Rosseti will help us to effectively implement our global strategy of electrifying vehicles by developing related technological solutions and taking into account the specifics of the Russian market.”

Konstantin Mikhailik, Deputy Director General for Digital Transformation at Rosseti, said: “Creation of charging infrastructure and related customer services is an important direction in the work of Rosseti. On the one hand, it will help diversify the business, enter a new market and ensure growth of non-tariff revenues. On the other hand, due to the scope of the company’s operations, there will be conditions for establishing a network of charging stations in Russia for barrier-free use of electric vehicles. The cooperation with VW Group Rus and Porsche Russland LLC opens up opportunities to make this work more efficient. Our common goal is to meet people’s needs for comfortable and environmentally friendly transport. Sharing experience and combining competences will help to achieve it.”

Lubomir Najman, Head of Audi Russia, said: “In 2020, Audi introduced its first all-electric Audi e-tron SUV on the Russian market, which opens a new era in the development of the brand. Innovative full-size crossover combines sporty character and everyday functionality. Two high-performance electric motors with a total output of 408 hp and the quattro electric all-wheel drive provide new Audi e-tron with excellent performance and perfect handling. With the vehicle’s extensive charging options, both at home and on the road, customers can enjoy the freedom of electrically-powered mobility.”

Dr. Thomas Staertzel, Managing Director of Porsche Russland LLC, said: “We are proud to introduce new all-electric Porsche Taycan to the market in 2020. It is strategically important to gain the support of reliable partners who are able to influence the development of the required infrastructure in Russia while developing this area.”