GAZ Group has presented hydrogen-fueled electric buses

GAZ Group has presented hydrogen-fueled electric buses


RusAutoNews.- GAZ Group has presented hydrogen fuel cell electric buses (hydrogen buses). Two urban hydrogen bus models will be used in various passenger routes. The large-class Citymax Hydrogen and the small-class Gazelle City.

The main advantage of the hydrogen buses over the electric buses without fuel cells is the increased power reserve. Hydrogen buses are able to travel 350 km once fully charged, which would cover even the longest urban routes.

The buses are equipped with hydrogen fuel cells, hydrogen supplies and storage systems, traction batteries and electric engines. The vehicle is fueled with hydrogen, which enters the fuel cell to interact with oxygen to generate electricity. The electric batteries function as an on-board electricity source, the demand for which depends on the driving conditions of the vehicle. The hydrogen power plant can simultaneously supply power to the electric drive of the wheels and charge the traction battery. The possibility of additional charging from the electrical network in the absence of hydrogen refuelling during travel is another benefit of the water buses developed by GAZ Group.

The large-class Citymax Hydrogen buses are developed on the platform of GAZ electric buses, the mass production of which takes place at the Likinsky Bus Plant – Liaz. Citymax Hydrogen low-floor urban buses are designed to carry 85 passengers.

The Gazelle City hydrogen buses, on the other hand, are developed on the basis of small-class buses, the serial production of which is carried out at the Gorky Automobile Plant. The vehicles have a carrying capacity of 22 passengers.