Ford is likely to resume passenger car production in Russia

Ford is likely to resume passenger car production in Russia


Izvestiya.- Ford has not ruled out the resumption of the production of its passenger car range in Russia. The relevant statement has been made by the chairman of Sollers Ford joint venture Adil Shirinov to a correspondent of the Izvestiya newspaper.

“If we adapt the Russian proverb ‘Devil is not joking’ to business, we know that anything can happen. Although the production of a budget car may generate money, we won’t play that game anymore. We may go ahead with full-size SUVs instead” – Adil Shirinov said.

With regards to a question on the production of passenger cars in Russia, Adil Shrirnov replied: “Why not? As long as the operation is professionally organised”.

As announced on 10 January 2019, the American company Ford will discontinue its operations in Europe.

Ford has explained the motive behind the changes with the desire to return to profitability in the short term and the purpose of increasing the efficiency of investments in a difficult market situation.

Only the production of Ford Transit vans in Elabuga has been kept in Russia. Passenger car production in both Naberezhnye Chelny and Vsevolozhsk plants has been discontinued.