UAZ plant has manufactured over 41 thousand automobiles in 2021 in Russia

UAZ plant has manufactured over 41 thousand automobiles in 2021 in Russia


RusAutoNews.- Production has significantly increased at the UAZ plant, despite the dire economic situation caused by the pandemic. A total number of 41,422 cars and commercial vehicles have been manufactured in Ulyanovsk in 2021. The year-on-year growth is equivalent to 16.7% or 6,941 unit automobiles.

The production figure of UAZ Patriot was high in 2021, following the assembly of 15,346 units (10% growth in comparison with 2020), a third of which was formed of automatic transmission vehicles. The production of the commercial model UAZ Profi has also risen significantly, almost doubling the figure in 2020, with 4996 units.

The export performance of the UAZ plant was quite good as well in 2021. Out of the total production, 5,703 automobiles have been allocated for exports, 1,717 for non-CIS and 3,986 for CIS countries.

“2021 has been a hard year worldwide. The complicated economic situation, mainly due to the long-term pandemic, has significantly taken its toll on the business climate. However, UAZ has managed not only to stop the reduction in production, but also increased its output despite the aforementioned adverse conditions” – as told by Alexei Spirin, the Executive Director of UAZ.

“We have confidently exceeded the 40,000 vehicles mark and come close to the pre-pandemic levels of 2019, despite the interruption in the supply of semiconductors. The production plan of the factory for 2022 has been calculated in accordance with the expectation of recovery in the figures in all aspects of the business, compared to last year”, he stated.