The sales of Compass trucks have been launched

The sales of Compass trucks have been launched


RusAutoNews.- The press office of Kamaz has anounced that the company has sold the first vehicles of the Compass family. Compass trucks represent the new medium-duty family of Kamaz. The first batches of the 9.5 tonnes gross-weight, flatbed vehicles with a curtain awning opening mechanism have been sold to the Volga Federal District – Avtolider-Sever and KamAvtoKomplekt – Izhevsk dealers.

The vehicles are equipped with the reliable four-stroke, turbo-charged, 154 hp, manual 6-speed transmission Cummins diesel engines. The fuel tank has a capacity of 250 litres. The curb weight of the chassis depends on the wheelbase usage and can range from 3125 to 3405 kg. The life span of the vehicle is 800,000 km and the service interval is 20,000 km.

The Compass trucks have wide and comfortable cabins with a sleeping compartment. The cabins have a four-point suspension, a torsion bar in the front and are on rubber-elastic elements at the rear. An adjustable steering column, cruise control, air conditioning, power windows and an audio system with steering wheel controls are provided for the convenience of the driver.

It should be remembered that the new Compass project of Kamaz will be launched with two models: the 9.5 tonnes gross weight Compass-9 and the 11.99 gross weight Compass-12. The trucks have been designed as delivery class and can operate in intercity transportation, as well as within cities and suburbs. A wide range of special add-ons can be installed on the chassis of Compass trucks, such as; various van modifications (isothermal, manufactured goods, refrigerators), flatbed trucks with CMU, garbage trucks, multi-lifts, tow trucks, auto-hydraulic lifts etc. Kamaz plans to release a more compact and light model in the market during the second half of 2022: the Compass-5 with a gross-weight of 5.5 tonnes.

If you wonder which skyline behind the Compass truck in the image above: New York City