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Russian car market has increased by 5% in October 2012

RusAutoNews.Com – As announced by the  Association of European Businesses (

Commercial vehicles Industry Passenger cars

Car output in Russia has grown by 14% within the first ten months of 2012

RusAutoNews.Com – According to the Russian State Institute of Statistics: Rosstat, the passenger car output in Russia has grown by 14.2% year-on-year within the January-October 2012 period and amounted to

Industry OEMs Passenger cars

The OEMs in Russia have made a total profit of 55 billion rubles in 2011

Auto Business Info – The automotive manufacturers and distributors in Russia have made a total profit of 54.7 billion rubles in 2011. Toyota Motor occupies the top spot in the

Import Export

The automobile imports in Russia have increased by 19.3% in nine months

RusAutoNews.Com – The number of automobiles imported to Russia within the January-September 2012 period has increased by 19.3%, reaching 828,300 vehicles. According to Federal Customs Agency data, the monetary value

Government Industry Suppliers

Several foreign component manufacturers are planning to make new investments in Ulyanovsk

Auto Business Info – The Governor of Ulyanovsk Region Sergei Morozov has announced that according to plans, the construction of 15 new factories will start in the region in 2013.

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Kamaz has manufactured 4400 trucks in October 2012

RusAutoNews.Com – As announced by the company press office, Kamaz has manufactured 4397 heavy duty trucks in October 2012. With the inclusion of the October figures, the total number of

Commercial vehicles Industry OEMs

ZiL factory will manufacture Hyundai brand vehicles

Finmarket – ZiL factory established in Moscow has signed an assembly agreement with Hyundai last week. Accordingly, Hyundai