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Belarus has banned new car sales to Russian citizens

  Autostat.- As stated by Belarusian car dealers, new car sales to Russian clients have been banned. RBK has reported that the Russian clients have switched to the Belarusian market,

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Russian production Haval models will be exportedto the CIS countries

  RusAutoNewsCom.- As reported by the company press office, Russian production Haval models will be exported to Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. 15 Kazakh cities will be covered by the dealer network

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Changan will assemble CS75 FL crossovers in Belarus

  Autostat.- Changan CS75 FL crossover will become the second model to be manufactured by the company in Belarus. The relevant Vehicle Type Approval has been issued by the Republic

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CHANGAN has set up car assembly in Belarus

  RusAutoNewsCom.- As reported previously in August 2019, one of the largest Chinese automobile concerns Changan has stopped the production of CS35 crossovers in Russia. The production of the model

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The production of Chinese JAC Sunray minibuses will start at MAZ plant

  ABW. – The assembly of Chinese JAC Sunray vans and minibuses will start at


Opel Mokka production starts in Belarus

Zr.ru – Yunison has announced that the assembly production of Opel Mokka will start in the Belarussian capital Minsk. The components to be used in production will be brought from


Opel Corsa will be imported to Russia from Belarus

RusAutoNews.Com – According to Motor.ru, Opel Corsa automobiles will be supplied to Russia from Belarus, within the scope of the agreement signed between General Motors and YUNISON in 2013. The