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Russian car manufacturers will receive increased export subsidies

  Autostat.- The government has adopted new rules for part compensation of the transport costs of exporters. As written in Kommersant newspaper, the Russian car manufacturers will receive almost half

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The government agrees to set eligibility measures for car manufacturers to have access to state support

TASS. – The state support for Russian automotive industry may be aimed at car manufacturers, who already meet the conditions of the so-called second industrial assembly regime (

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Car manufacturers were allowed extension to the completion period of localisation obligations

Gazeta.ru – The car manufacturers, making production in Russia under the terms of the industrial assembly agreement, have received extension to the fulfillment period of obligations on localisation. “Car manufacturers were


Car manufacturers are downsizing their model ranges in Russia

Autostat – According to Autostat analysis, the brand and model variety is on the decline in 2015, alongside the shrinkage in the market (34% in eight months). The statistics created


Foreign car manufacturers are worried about the current state of the Russian market

Za Rulyom – Ford finance director Bob Shanks, interviewed by the German financial paper Handelsblatt, has stated that the problems arising from the devaluation of the rouble and the weakness