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Ford has increased the supply of components from Russia to Europe

Vedomosti – Ford Motor Company plans to triple the exports of car components from Russia to Europe within the course of the next three years, as told by the vice-president


A number of foreign supply industry companies have lost their right to import customs-free components in Russia

Zr.ru – A series of automotive supply industry companies making production in Russia have lost the inducements brought by the Enactment no: 566, due to failure to fulfil the obligations

Government Suppliers

Russian government may increase tariffs on car components

Izvestiya – Russian ministry of industry and commerce has proposed a series of measures against foreign products, within the frame of the import substitution programme. As assessed by the ministry,

Import Export Suppliers

Russia may remove the ban on the parallel imports of car components

RBK – As stated by the official newspaper of Russian state: Rossiyskaya Gazeta, the Federal Competition Authority (FAS) has the intention to permit the parallel imports of car components. However,