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Russian car market has declined by 72% in April 2020

RusAutoNewsCom. – As announced by the AEB Automobile Manufacturers Committee, Russian car market has decreased by 72.4%, or by 102,089 units year-on-year in April 2020, and amounted to 38,922 vehicles.

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Kamaz will stop the conveyor for May holidays

  Autostat.- Kamaz will suspend vehicle production for the period of May holidays between the 1st and the 11th of the month. The relevant statement has been made by the

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Two Avtovaz employees have been infected with the Coronavirus

  Rambler.- Two new cases of Coronavirus infection have occurred amongst the Avtovaz staff, as announced by the official trade union of the plant. “The number of infected people has

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Avtovaz will suspend car production between 29 April – 18 May

  Autostat.- Avtovaz will suspend car production between 29 April – 18 May 2020. The office staff will continue working until 30 April, on the other hand, according to the

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The expenses of Avtovaz amount to approximately 2 billion rubles per week

  TASS.- The weekly expenses of Avtovaz amount to approximately 2 billion rubles, in the background of the plummeting sales, almost down to zero due to the crisis. The relevant

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Putin has proposed an extension to the preferential car loan programmes

  TASS.- The Russian president Vladimir Putin has proposed the allocation of an additional amount of 15.5 billion rubles on the preferential car loan programmes for the purchases of domestically

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Experts have predicted a shrinkage between 20-50% in the Russian car market due to the pandemic

  RNS.- 42% of Russian citizens have given up the idea of buying a car during the pandemic, in order to cut expenditures, according to a survey of Boston Consulting

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The head of the GAZ Group has criticised the measures of government support for enterprises

  RBK.- GAZ Group chairman Vadim Sorokin has described the measures taken by the government on the compensation of downtime for car manufacturers and suppliers as ineffective. The measures proposed

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The government is discussing support measures for the automotive industry

  Autostat.- The government has started to formulate a proposal on the support of the automotive industry, which will be discussed at a meeting with Vladimir Putin on 22 April.

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10 enterprises form Russian automotive industry have been defined as strategically important

  Autostat.- A list of strategically important Russian automotive companies, which are eligible for state support in times of need, has been approved by the government at the end of