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The list of automobiles subject to luxury tax has been expanded

  Autostat.- Subsequent to the increase in the recommended retail prices, which is applied by car manufacturers in the Russian market over the recent months, the expansion of the list

Government Industry Suppliers

Government plans to fund car component production with 200 billion rubles

  Autostat.- The subsidy programme on the development of car component production, which will be launched by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce in cooperation with IDF in 2021, has

Government Industry

The government will allocate 25 billion rubles on the support of the automotive industry

  Prime.- The government will allocate 25 billion rubles on the support of the automotive industry, 5 million rubles of which will be used in the procurement of ambulances, as

Government Industry Suppliers

Component manufacturers have been acknowledged as enterprises suffering from the Coronavirus

  Kommersant.- The Ministry of Industry and Commerce has proposed the inclusion of automotive component production in the list of sectors most affected by the Coronavirus. Unlike car manufacturers, most

Government Industry OEMs

Russian government has postponed the utilisation fee payments for car manufacturers

  RNS.- The government has postponed the utilisation fee payments of car manufacturers for the first and second quarters of 2020 until the end of the year, according to a

Autonomous vehicles Government

Russian government will accelerate the introduction process of autonomous vehicles on the roads of the country

  Autostat.- The head of the government Mihail Mishustin has assigned a number of ministries and departments, such as; the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry

Government Industry OEMs Suppliers

10 enterprises form Russian automotive industry have been defined as strategically important

  Autostat.- A list of strategically important Russian automotive companies, which are eligible for state support in times of need, has been approved by the government at the end of

Government Import Export Market

Utilisation fees will be cancelled for temporarily imported cars

  RG.ru.- The members of the State Duma have passed a bill on the abolition of utilisation fees for vehicles imported to Russia on a temporary basis, on second and

Government Industry

Avtovaz has asked government permission to resume operations

  Interfax.- Avtovaz has appealed to the government of the Samara region to resume operations providing the observation of all additional sanitary standards and ensuring the safety of people. The

Government Industry Market

Government has doubled the funding for car loan programmes to ₽10 billion

  TASS.- The Russian Ministry of Industry and Commerce has increased the funding for preferential car loan programmes from 5 billion to 10.5 billion rubles, as told by the press