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DAIMLER has transferred its shares in KAMAZ to the affiliated truck company

  Autostat.- German car manufacturer Daimler AG, which owns 15% of Russian Kamaz, has transferred its shares to the affiliated company Daimler Truck AG, according to a company statement. As

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The JV of KAMAZ and Daimler has suspended the production of Fuso Canter

  RusAutoNewsCom.- The joint venture of Kamaz and Daimler: DK Rus has suspended the production of the medium-tonnage Mitsubishi Fuso Canter trucks. The production of Canter trucks is carried out

Commercial vehicles Industry OEMs

KAMAZ and Daimler plan to invest $745 million in Russia within 10 years

Kommersant – KAMAZ and Daimler are ready to invest more than 46 billion rubles (approximately $745 million) within the framework of a Special Investment Contract (SPIC), as told by the deputy

Commercial vehicles OEMs

KAMAZ and Daimler will invest € 400 million in new production

RNS – The joint venture of KAMAZ and Daimler: Daimler KAMAZ Rus (50-50% partnership) expects to apply for a special investment contract (SPIC) for the production of cabin carcasses in Tatarstan