Car production has shrunk by 18.8% in Russia in March

Car production has shrunk by 18.8% in Russia in March

RusAutoNews.Com – According to Russian Federal Institute of Statistics: Rosstat data, 355,000 automobiles have been manufactured in the country, within the first quarter of 2015 (-19.7%). March production figure is 140,000 (-18.8%).

As a reminder, Kaluga PSMA Rus and St. Petersburg Toyota factories have started the production of -both renewed- Mitsubishi Outlander and Camry in March.

On the other hand, while St. Petersburg GM factory has ended production completely, apart from models manufactured with SKD method, Kaliningrad Avtotor has discontinued the assembly production for GM.

In addition, Nissan and Volkswagen plants have suspended production at various times in March, due to falling demand.

According to Rosstat data, 23,000 trucks have been manufactured in the country during the January-March period (23.3%). 12,100 of these trucks have been produced in March (12.1%).

MAN truck factory, established in St. Petersburg, was among the manufacturers suspending production in March, due to the shrinkage in demand. Nizhni-Novgorod based GAZ factory has started the production freightage and passenger transport version of GAZon Next medium tonnage trucks, on the other hand.

6600 buses have been manufactured in Russia during the first quarter (-16.5%). March production figure is 3400 (-7.6%).