Russian car factories are taking new year holidays

Russian car factories are taking new year holidays

Autostat – Ten car factories in Russia have made announcements about next year’s operation plans, prior to the new year holidays.

Kaluga based PSMA Rus factory will reduce the working week by one day next year. The factory will follow the new scheme for six months (1 February – 31 July), in order to maintain the employment numbers.

AVTOVAZ will operate 4-days-a-week, as of 15 February 2016. The new regime is a part of the cost reduction and crisis prevention programme, implemented by the company during the market shrinkage.

IzhAvto, established in Izhevsk, will take new year holidays between 29 December 2015 – 13 January 2016. The press office of the factory has stated that the holiday will start earlier than usual this year, due to the incompletion of the production plan.

KAMAZ will keep the current regime unchanged until the end of 2015. However, there’s a possibility to shift to a shorter working week, depending on the order situation.

Nissan St. Petersburg factory has announced that the current two shifts per day regime will be reduced to a single shift, from Spring 2016 onwards. This means layoff for 500 workers.

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus factory, on the other hand, plans to continue operating in three shifts, five-days-a-week. The factory will resume operations following the new year holidays, on 21 January. The factory has stated that modernisation works will be carried out for the production of new models, until the resumption of operations.

GM-AVTOVAZ will remain idle between 22 December – 17 January.

UAZ factory in Ulyanovsk will take holidays between the New Year’s Eve and 10 January. The staff will take annual leaves between 10 January – 1 February. In the meantime, there are plans to continue works at the factory, regarding a number of investment projects.

As one may remember, Ford Sollers had taken new year holidays earlier than its competitors. Vsevolozhsk and Tatarstan plants of Ford Sollers will not be operating for two months, due to falling demand.

St. Petersburg Toyota plant will stop production between 31 December – 10 January, due to the traditional new year holidays.