BelGee has opened a new Geely plant in Belarus to supply the Russian market

BelGee has opened a new Geely plant in Belarus to supply the Russian market

RusAutoNews.Com – The Chinese car manufacturer has opened a new Geely plant in Belarus, 90% of the products of which will be aimed for the Russian market, as reported by RNS.

“A new BelGee plant has been opened in the city of Zhodino on 17 November 2017. President Alexander Lukashenko took part in the opening ceremony. 90% of the manufactured vehicles will be sold in the Russian market” – as stated by a company representative.

More than 60.000 automobiles will be manufactured annually through open production. The plant will be established on a total area of 1,18 km2, which will include assembly, painting and welding shops. Manufacturers in cooperation with Volvo plants will supply a significant part of the components to BelGee factory.

“The new Geely Atlas crossover has become the first vehicle to roll off the production line in the Geely plant in Belarus, which will appear in the Russian market soon” – the company added.

Approximately $330 million has been invested in the new plant as announced in September and the production capacity is expected to increase in the future.

BelGee was established in 2011 to produce Gelly models in Belarus. The production has started in 2012 in the existing production facilities of OAO Borisov Avtogidroilitel. The company has made more than 10.000 Geelly cars a year with the SKD assembly method. The cars are sold in Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan. In 2015 the construction works of the new Geely plant in Belarus has been started.