Sollers has received orders for Aurus automobiles for the next two years

Sollers has received orders for Aurus automobiles for the next two years

RNS. – Sollers Group has received orders for Aurus vehicles (Cortege project previously) for the next two years, as told by the co-owner of Sollers: Vadim Shvetsov.

“There will be no possibility of purchasing the automobiles not only within 2019, but even for year 2020. We are fully booked for the next two years” – he said.

Shvetsov expects the mass sales of the car to begin following entry to foreign markets.

Aurus company, the joint venture of NAMI and Sollers, has certified a number of models in Russia and operate on certification in Europe. The automobiles were on show in Moscow in August 2018 and will be presented in Geneva in March 2019. The sales will start in 2019 and may reach approximately 50-70,000 units by the end of the first year. A number of vehicles are currently at the car park of the Federal Protective Service.

The model range of Aurus will be formed of sedans, limousines, SUVs and vans. The development of fully electric models is also possible on the platform of the project, as well as budget SUVs.

The assembly of the automobiles will be carried out at the facilities of NAMI, which has an annual production capacity of 200-220 units. Along with the orders, the assembly of more than 1500 Aurus vehicles can be organised at the facilities of Sollers in Tatarstan or Ulyanovsk region.

The project has been under development since 2012. Approximately 13 billion rubles have been invested in the project, as stated by the Minister of Industry and Commerce: Denis Manturov previously.