Volvo Trucks may localise the production of automatic gearboxes in Russia

Volvo Trucks may localise the production of automatic gearboxes in Russia


Kommersant.- The government is ready to sign a special investment contract with Volvo Trucks, if the company localises the production of automatic gearboxes in Russia, along with shafts and gears. The decision has been taken following a meeting with the car manufacturer, with the participation of the Deputy Prime Minister: Dmitri Kozak, on 12 March. In addition, Volvo Trucks will procure the components for the automatic transmissions from Russian suppliers, and develop gas-engine trucks.

If the company signs the SPIC by the end of June, it will be eligible for industrial subsidies. Kamaz and Daimler are the other truck companies covered by the SPIC, and if the sanctions are lifted, GAZ Group may start developing MAN and Scania trucks within the framework of the SPIC. Thereby, if Volvo Trucks signs the SPIC, the Deputy Prime Minister’s idea of equal access to industrial subsidies for companies operating in Russia will be realised.

The companies are also under the obligation to localise the production of frame side members. According to sources from the industry, the aforementioned requirement for trucks is a result of pressure from traditional Russian companies, in order to prevent Volvo from obtaining subsidies. If the share of Volvo exceeds 15% in total sales, the company will be subject to additional demands in localisation.

The project capacity of Volvo Trucks plant in Kaluga is 15,000 trucks per year. Volvo has been assembling cabins (welding, painting, assembly) in Kaluga since November 2014. The company manufactured 5600 trucks in 2018.

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