GAZ Group will supply electric buses to Vladivostok

GAZ Group will supply electric buses to Vladivostok


As reported by the company press office, GAZ Group will supply two eco-friendly electric buses and a charging station to Vladivostok.

The buses have ultra-quick-charge capability which allows completely depleted batteries to be recharged within 9 to 20 minutes. Pursuant to the contract, GAZ Group will also supply a charging station. The buses are expected to be shipped in November 2019.

The GAZ electric bus is designed to carry 85 passengers, has 30 seats and a passenger deck which is also equipped to accommodate people with mobility impairments. Each electric bus is powered by two asynchronous 125kW engines connected to lithium-titanate batteries. The powertrain is fully compliant with international Zero Emission standard which means that the bus does not release any dangerous substances into the atmosphere. To make the ride comfortable and safe, the bus has the kneeling capability (i.e. it tilts towards the bus stop) and video surveillance and firefighting systems.

At the request of Vladivostok municipal administration, GAZ will supply electric buses with special features. In particular, because of the challenging weather conditions, they will have a heated windshield and a climate control system. Other non-standard features will include tyre pressure sensors, USB chargers, a passenger counting system, validator for contactless fare payment, etc.

GAZ has designed its electric bus with the support of experts from Bauman State Technical University in Moscow. It is based on the LiAZ 5292 extra-large bus that has a record of strong performance in urban environment throughout Russia. Having a popular bus as a parent model, the new electric bus offers attractive economic opportunities to carriers in terms of operation and maintenance cost.

«Eco-friendliness is one of the key arguments in favour of buying this type of vehicles. We must try electric buses, test them in operation and if they perform well we will expand the use of electric transport,” said Alexander Ivanov, head of transportation department in Vladivostok municipal administration.

GAZ Group is Russia’s first company to have designed this new eco-friendly type of buses. The first electric bus prototype was assembled in 2011 while a fully operational concept bus made its first public appearance already in 2012. In 2017, GAZ Group conducted the longest ever test of electric buses in real-life urban environment in Russia. The buses travelled over 13,500km in Moscow and carried more than 25,000 passengers. In 2018, GAZ Group started serial production of the buses at its Likino Bus Plant where they are now produced at the same assembly lines as diesel and CNG buses.

GAZ Group is Russia’s leading manufacturer and supplier of buses with an about 80% share of the domestic bus market. The model range includes small, medium, large and extra-large buses.