GAZ Group presents new models at the commercial vehicles exhibition

GAZ Group presents new models at the commercial vehicles exhibition


RusAutoNewsCom.- As announced by the company press office, GAZ Group has presented a whole range of new models of light commercial vehicles, medium-duty trucks, buses and powertrains at the commercial vehicles exhibition in Moscow. The most notable new product unveiled at the exhibition is the new light commercial vehicle GAZelle NN developed by engineers of Gorky Automobile Plant in the year when the original GAZelle marked its 25th anniversary. Other new products include the Sadko Next off-road truck, the GAZon Next 10 running on two types of natural gas, and the upgraded Sobol 4×4. The bus range of the company is represented by the new low-floor minibus, the GAZ electric bus, the new Vector Next intercity bus and the GAZelle Next 4.6 CNG minibus. Also the GAZ Group booth features a Euro-6 diesel engine and Euro-5 gas engines based on the YMZ-530 engine family.

At the exhibition we present 10 new models of commercial vehicles and buses. All of them meet the future requirements that today define the development of the global commercial vehicle industry. These are vehicles with intelligent driver assist systems that already serve not just as a tool in the hands of the driver, but also as a partner, assistant analyzing the road situation and interacting with the driver. These are low-floor buses, which meet all the requirements of the “accessible environment” for low-mobility passengers. These are zero-emission electric vehicle solutions and natural gas fueled vehicles. These are modern off-road vehicles for work and travel. When introducing innovations and advanced engineering solutions we preserve in our designs those features of the GAZ brand that allow it to remain the most popular brand in the country: the low cost of ownership, durability and maximum functionality“, as commented by Vadim Sorokin, the President of the GAZ Group.

The new generation light commercial vehicle GAZelle NN features more than 30 driver assist systems, higher comfort, reduced cost of ownership and high versatility. Thanks to its versatility the new platform will become the basis for further development of the GAZ lineup in the coming decade. 5 cameras, 8 ultrasonic sensors, 3 radars provide a 360-degree visibility, blind spots monitoring, recognition of traffic signs, traffic signals, weather conditions and lighting level. This data processed by the electronic “brain” are then used by ADAS systems that include the adaptive cruise control, intelligent speed adjustment based on road signs, lane keep assist, automatic emergency braking and other systems. The completely new interior of the vehicle cabin includes a comfortable driver’s seat with 20 adjustments, modern climate control, a multimedia system with a 9-inch screen, a new instrument cluster with a TFT display and the keyless access and engine start capability. A number of technical improvements have significantly reduced the noise and vibration levels. Predictive diagnostics, which will become possible thanks to an intelligent electrical system, reducing accident rate, more than 50 design and technological changes aimed at increasing the service life and reliability of key components and lowering fuel consumption, all this reduces the payback period and increases the economic efficiency of the vehicle operation.

The new minibus model is characterized by the low floor level and the wide standing area. The minibus based on the GAZelle Next platform, fully complies with the requirements of the Accessible Environment program and provides easy entry and exit for low-mobile passengers: disabled persons, seniors, passengers with baby strollers. The design features of the minibus include a unique reinforced frame with a recessed central part, an rear axle with a higher load-bearing capacity and a highly efficient brake system with disc brakes on all wheels. The bus is designed to carry 22 passengers.

The Sadko Next off-road truck represents a new generation of the iconic GAZ off-roaders. It combines a unique off-road capability with a high level of comfort, functionality and modern engineering solutions. The integrated steering together with a new front suspension with thin leaf springs provides good handling, smooth ride and stability. The fully pneumatic brake system ensures efficient braking requiring a little force on the brake pedal. A reinforced frame made of high-strength steel, a new driveline, wheels with upgraded disks and new tires with higher load rating, axles with new steering knuckles allowed increasing the vehicle’s payload capacity while retaining high reliability and durability of the design as a whole. The new Sadko features a spacious Next three-seater cab made of galvanized steel, the vehicle’s payload capacity has increased to 3 tons (for the chassis), the fordable depth is up to 1.2 m, and now the vehicle capable of towing a trailer with a gross weight of up to 2.56 tons.

The GAZon Next 10 LNG/CNG is equipped with a combined transport system operating on two types of natural gas: LNG (liquefied natural gas) and CNG (compressed natural gas). With a comparable fuel tank capacity the LNG provides 3 times more range than the CNG. Therefore, such vehicles are most cost efficient for long daily runs. The range of a vehicle on a single tank of gas is 900 km.

The GAZelle Next 4.6 CNG minibus is designed to carry 22 passengers (19 seats and 3 standing places). The bus features an upgraded gas/gasoline EvoTech 3.0. The engine displacement increased to 3 l and a number of other engineering changes allowed increasing the engine power output and torque, reducing the heat stress and increasing the stability of running at high temperatures. The use of compressed gas allows reducing fuel costs by 40-50% (depending on the mileage and features of a particular model) compared to gasoline and diesel fuel.

The upgraded Sobol 4×4 off-road vehicle is characterized by an updated frontend styling, an upgraded front axle with CV joints, a new transfer case, an increased torque, electrically controlled. The new driver’s seat, a joystick gear shifter, as well as other engineering changes have significantly increased the vehicle’s level of comfort, reduced noise and vibration levels.

The Vector Next 8.8 bus for intercity routes expands the Next flagship lineup of GAZ Group. The new version is designed for long-distance public transit operations. The bus interior features ergonomic seats, individual service units, additional handrails. Tinted double-glazed windows and a luggage compartment are provided for passenger comfort. The bus is designed to carry 48 passengers, including 30 seats. The bus has improved ergonomics of the driver’s seat, a separate air conditioning system for the passenger compartment and an advanced noise insulation system. The buses are powered by Euro-5 compliant YMZ-534 diesel engines with the power output of 168 hp. The new Vector Next is equipped with an electronic route indicator and a ticker bar, a multimedia screen. The service interval extended to 20 000 km, the warranty period of 3 years, the high balanced service life of the body and systems and units provide the optimal cost of ownership.

The GAZ electric bus with ultrafast charging is an updated version of the new zero-emission vehicle. It was designed in cooperation with Bauman Moscow State Technical University based on the popular LIAZ-5292 low-floor city bus to offer the best value for money operation and maintenance. The GAZ electric can carry 85 passengers, including 30 seated passengers, and has a wheelchair area. The power plant of the bus complies with the international environmental standard Zero Emission, which is characterized by a complete absence of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. The bus features a kneeling system (allowing the driver to lower the front step height), a video surveillance system and a fire extinguishing system, USB-charging, an air conditioning system and GLONASS equipment. The demonstrated model has an improved driver’s compartment: the instrument panel features an LED display to output various diagnostics data.

The YMZ-53426 Euro-6 diesel engine with a displacement of 4.43 l has optimal technical and economic parameters in terms of oil and fuel consumption, a power range of 170-210 hp, a torque of 664-780 Nm.