St Petersburg Hyundai plant has manufactured the 2 millionth automobile

St Petersburg Hyundai plant has manufactured the 2 millionth automobile


RusAutoNewsCom.- A ceremony has been held at Hyundai plant in St Petersburg, to mark the production of the 2 millionth automobile, as announced by the company press office. The governor of St. Petersburg and the South Korean ambassador to the Russian Federation were present at the event, alongside representatives of suppliers and the factory staff.

As part of the ceremony, the general director of the plant has donated the 2 millionth automobile to the St. Petersburg Children’s Hospice.

The aforementioned automobile was a blue upgraded Hyundai Solaris.

It took the factory nine years to manufacture 2 million automobiles, where mass production started in January 2011.

Out of the 2 million manufactured vehicles, 930,000 were the bestseller automobile of the Russian market: Hyundai Solaris and 245,000 the most popular Russian crossover: Hyundai Creta. In the meantime, all 3 models manufactured at the Hyundai plant in St Petersburg, have constantly been amongst the top-five bestsellers in Russia.

The company is currently the second largest car manufacturer in Russia and one of the most technologically advanced, modern enterprises with its own fleet of suppliers. The localisation rate of Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus reaches almost 50%. The rate will increase in future, thanks to the engine factory in particular, which is currently under construction in St Petersburg.

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus plans to produce a minimum number of 230,000 vehicles in 2020, continuing to utilise its full production capacity, five days a week in three shifts.