KAMAZ plans to sell 37,000 trucks in 2021

KAMAZ plans to sell 37,000 trucks in 2021


As stated by the management of Kamaz, the company has outperformed its business plan, despite the adverse conditions created by the coronavirus pandemic.

“We will end the year with positive results. According to our calculations, we will have sold approximately 36,500 trucks by the end of 2020, 32,200 in the domestic market and 4300 exported. We plan to generate a revenue of around 208 billion rubles” – said Sergei Kogogin.

“If we take our performance in the first 11 months of the year into account, we have reason to be optimistic. 31,976 Kamaz trucks have been sold within the January-November period of 2020. 190 billion rubles revenue has been generated at the end of the first 11 months of the year. The investment amount reached 9.3 billion rubles since the turn of the year”. 

The results of the biggest new project have been shared with the press during a briefing given by Kogogin: the launch of the production and the sales of the Kamaz – 54901 long-haul tractor, as well as his personal driving experience. The head of the car giant has shown the model as one of the main projects of the company, with a great potential in the future. Kogogin reminded that a new plant has been launched for the production of K5 generation cabin frames, within the framework of the implementation of the project. Alongside new frames, the new generation vehicles will be equipped with a new in-line 6-cylinder P6 engine. A new conveyor has been installed at engine plant for this purpose. 

“We’ve managed to develop a premium vehicle, which has one of the best fuel economy indicators amongst its rivals in the Big Seven. The optimal price / performance ratio of our new truck, combined with the terms of sales and service provision, encourage our expectations for market success” – Sergei Kogogin said. 

With regards to the realities of 2021 and the production performance of Kamaz, Kogogin has stated that a further systematic growth is expected in truck sales. “Our share in the heavy trucks market has reached 49% this year, compared to 44% in 2019 and our target for next year is a minimum share of 51%” – as told by Kogogin. 

The company plans to increase its market share through the sales of trucks from the new model range, including the flagship long-haul truck 54901. Strengthening the position of Kamaz in semi-trailer truck and special vehicles segments is another priority for the company: the launch of new K5 generation models to the market (6×2 semi-trailer truck and 6×4, 6×6 and 8×4 dump trucks). In addition, there are plans to improve the gas engine vehicles range, including the sales of the model – 5490 gas engine tractors on CNG and LNG, alongside the introduction of gas engine – 54901 vehicles, operating on compressed natural gas.