UAZ has frozen the Patriot-2020 project

UAZ has frozen the Patriot-2020 project


Auto-mail-ru .- Sollers has abandoned the Patriot-2020 SUV project, as written in Drome portal. As reported, the closure happened in November last year and some of the developers of the new Patriot have already left the factory and more are planning to do so.

According to the portal, the finances allocated on the development of the new SUV were nowhere near a sufficient level. In the meantime, UAZ has created a few full-size production prototypes of the new model, which never went into action.

Furthermore, allegedly, the company has plans to abandon the modification of the current Patriot with a gasoline turbo engine, due to the insufficient space in the motor compartment of the vehicle.

UAZ has not yet officially announced the discontinuation of the Patriot-2020 project. Upon contact from Auto-mail-ru, the press office of the Ulyanovsk plant has confirmed the suspension of some parts of the project, denying, on the other hand, the allegations on UAZ planning to put an end to SUV development projects.

“We were compelled to freeze some of the operations of the project during the pandemic period. We are now in the process of developing a new investment scheme and an implementation plan. However, no-one is against the strategic task of developing a new platform for UAZ SUVs”, stated UAZ to Auto-mail-ru.