Renault has maintained its position in the Russian market in 2020

Renault has maintained its position in the Russian market in 2020


RusAutoNewsCom.- As reported by the company press office, 128,408 Renault automobiles have been sold in 2020, leading to a market share of 8%. A flexible production strategy and a well-structured pricing policy have enabled the company to maintain the market share levels achieved in recent years, ensuring the continuity of the positions of sales leadership in the country. The company is the third bestseller amongst foreign brands in Russia. 

Four Renault models have entered the top-25 list of most popular cars in Russia: Logan (32,628 units), Duster (31,640), Sandero (26,038) and Kaptur (20,284). The presentation of the new generation of Kaptur took place in an online format last June. Kaptur has reached a sales figure of 10,993 units since its release. 

An increasing demand for higher trim levels has been observed in 2020 for the entire range of automobiles. This was particularly the case for Arkana and Kaptur, making the Drive and Style the most demanded lines. 

The combination of the turbocharged engine ТСе 150 – created in cooperation with Daimler AG – and a continuously variable automatic transmission CVT X-Tronic has been building more and more demand in Russia. The share of the turbocharged engine has reached 45% in Renault Arkana sales. A similar picture has been observed in the sales of the new Kaptur: 40% of the 10,993 vehicles sold since June 2020 were equipped with the aforementioned engines. 

The participation of all model ranges in the First Car and Family Car government programmes and in Support for Medical Staff and the State Programme for the Purchase of Trade-in Vehicles programmes as of this year have resulted in the sales of 26,684 automobiles, amounting to 21% of the total figure.