KAMAZ has started the production of the key parts of Aurus engines

KAMAZ has started the production of the key parts of Aurus engines


RG ru.- Kamaz has launched the test production of cylinder blocks, cylinder heads and base plates for NAMI-4123 engines, used in Aurus executive cars.

According to the statement made by the press office of the car giant from Kamsk, the components are currently being manufactured in single quantities, in accordance with the pilot industrial method. At present, foreign production cylinder blocks and heads are installed on the Aurus vehicles in the market. Imports will continue until Kamaz masters the high quality production.

The wall thickness of the Aurus block is quite small. The 4-5 mm component is made of a special alloy based on aluminum. The quality requirements for the component are much higher, in comparison with engines of other automobiles, as stated by Kamaz.

“All the parts of the Aurus engine are made of aluminium alloy. The engine consists of approximately 30 parts, which can be installed on both the existing and the new version. The entire range of the components will be manufactured by the foundry. The technical development process of the production of the parts has been in progress since 2019 and the singular outputs of cylinder heads, blocks and base plates for Aurus automobiles started to roll off the conveyor recently, in the pilot industrial mode” – as told by the director of Technological Department of Non-Ferrous Casting Production at Kamaz Alexander Efremov.

The mass production of cylinder blocks and heads for Aurus will start next year at Kamaz, following the assembly of the new equipment and the launch of the site for the new project. Between 50 and 70 people will be working at the line.

The castings will be supplied to the Sollers-Elabuga plant, to be machined and assembled into finished engines.

As one may remember, only sedan and Senat limousine vehicles are manufactured currently, out of the Aurus range. The automobiles ordered through government purchases are being assembled at NAMI Federal State Unitary Enterprise in Moscow. The assembly of vehicles for the general public takes place at the newly built Aurus car plant in Elabuga, on the other hand.

Aurus vehicles are equipped with a 4.4-litre, 598 hp petrol V8 twin turbocharging model NAMI-4123 engine and a KATE R932 9-speed automatic transmission, in the basic configuration.

The developer and manufacturer of Aurus: NAMI FSUE has created the engines in cooperation with Porsche Engineering. However, the automatic transmission is of 100% Russian origin.