All 2021 Aurus luxury cars have been distributed to customers

All 2021 Aurus luxury cars have been distributed to customers


TASS.- The entire fleet of Aurus luxury cars, manufactured since the beginning of the year, have already been distributed to customers, as told by the general director of the company Adil Shirinov to journalists.

“In terms of sales, all cars have already been distributed. Not only the Avilon quota, but all other dealerships will have received the vehicles by the end of the year. We are looking forward to 2022” – Shirinov said.

The exact sales numbers of the Aurus luxury cars have not been revealed. As for prices, Shirinov has stated that the costs of the vehicles will remain unchanged. The minimum Aurus Senat price will be 18 million rubles (approximately $253 thousand ) and the vehicle with the most elaborate configuration will cost the client 24 million rubles (approximately $338 thousand).

Aurus is an executive car range, which was created in 2013, by an order from the Russian Ministry of Industry and Commerce. The NAMI Institute has developed most of the technical features of the Aurus line during the creation process. The Aurus luxury cars project was initiated as a response to the demand for a limousine manufactured domestically for the head of the state. An order was signed by the president of the Russian Federation in autumn 2013, initiating the development of a project for the creation of a luxury class automobile on the basis of the Unified Modular Platform.

The project aims for the development of an automobile range both for the replacement of the official car fleet of civil servants and commercial sales. The government has invested 12.4 billion rubles in the project (approximately $175 million). NAMI (63.5%), the UAE Defence, Security and Development Fund Tawazun (36%) and Sollers (0.5%) are the shareholders of Aurus.

Aurus is the first Russian luxury car brand, the range of which includes limousine, sedan, MPV and SUV models.