KAMAZ has established a company for the production of KAMA electric car

KAMAZ has established a company for the production of KAMA electric car


Autostat.- Kamaz has created a new legal entity for the KAMA electric car project: KAMA JSC. The former manager of the Kamaz Development Unit for Promising Projects: Igor Povarazdnyuk has been appointed as the general manager of the company, which has an authorised capital of 720 million rubles. Russian investor and entrepreneur Ruben Vardanyan has become the co-owner of the project.

KAMA is a Russian electric car project on a modular platform, developed by St Petersburg Polytechnical University and Kamaz. The first prototype KAMA-1 was presented in December 2020. Meanwhile, the upcoming electric vehicle has recently been presented to investors in Skolkovo. The technical features of the model have been clarified during the presentation.

Apparently, the capacity of the mass production the vehicle will be higher than the prototype, which debuted in December 2020. The electric vehicle will have an output of 150 hp, compared to the 109 hp KAMA-1 concept. The electric car is powered by a battery (the prototype had a capacity of 33 kilowatt-hours) and has a travel range of 450 km once fully charged. The maximum velocity of the urban car is 150 km/h.

The general director of Kamaz Sergei Kogogin has emphasised the features of the completely new KAMA electric car, in order to prevent any confusion with the KAMA-1 concept. According to the sources, the model will inherit only individual design elements and developments from last year’s prototype.

As reported previously, Kamaz has decided to establish a new plant in Russia for the production of KAMA electric cars by 2024-2025. In the meantime, the KAMA-1 platform is suitable as a basis for a whole range of electric vehicles with different body types.

KAMA-1 electric car