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AVTOVAZ engines are being modernized – AVTOVAZ engines are being modernized. The manufacturer is preparing to modernize its eight-valve engines to save customers from having to adjust the gaps in the gas distribution system

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The construction of a Mazda engine plant has started in Far East Russia – The construction of a Mazda engine plant has started in Vladivostok. Sollers is also a participant in the project. SkyActiv-G family engines will be assembled in the new facility.

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KAMAZ has invested 3 billion rubles in the new cabin carcass factory

RusAutoNews.Com – As reported by the KAMAZ press office, the cabin carcass factory for the production of K5 generation carcesses is completely ready for equipment installation. KAMAZ has invested around

Industry OEMs Passenger cars

St. Petersburg automotive industry has grown by 9% in September 2017

RusAutoNews.Com – According to Auto-Dealer-SPb data, Hyundai, Nissan and Toyota factories, established in St. Petersburg, have manufactured 252.200 automobiles during the January-September period of 2017, which is equivalent to a

Industry Suppliers

KAMAZ shares in TMZ Tutaev Engine Factory will increase to 70%

RNS – KAMAZ shares in TMZ Tutaev Engine Factory will increase to 70%, according to RNS. Russian Machines will consolidate 90% shares of AutoDiesel Engine Plant (YaMZ) in Yaroslavl, following the exit


Industrial production in Russia has risen 1% in September 2017

RusAutoNews.Com – As stated by the Russian Federal Statistics Service (Rosstat), industrial production in Russia has risen 1,8%  year-on-year within the January-September 2017 period, compared to the same period of 2016.

Industry OEMs

Car production in Russia up by 19% within the first eight months of 2017

RusAutoNews.Com – Car production in Russia increased within the first eight months of 2017. According to ASM Holding data,  960.522  transport vehicles (trucks, cars, buses) have been manufactured in Russia

Commercial vehicles Industry

Russian transport company will develop autonomous trucks

RNS – Russian transport company Traft will establish a division to develop unmanned vehicles, as stated by the company. The company plans to adapt the Hyundai Porter series trucks for partial

Government Industry

Government will support the indexification of car utilisation fees

RNS – The Ministry of Industry and Commerce will support the indexification of the car utilisation fees at 15% from 2018 onwards, as told by the Minister of Industry and Commerce Denis


New record: The share of Russian assembly automobiles has risen to 82%

Autostat – According to Autostat data, the share of locally assembled vehicles in Russia has reached 82.2% within the first 8 months of 2017. This is the highest level in the