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Russian car market has increased by 7% in July 2020

RusAutoNewsCom. – As announced by the AEB Automobile Manufacturers Committee, Russian car market has increased by 6.8%, or by 9,097 units year-on-year in July 2020, and amounted to 141,924 vehicles.

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UAZ Autocomponent will supply Hyundai with crankshaft castings for engines

  RusAutoNewsCom.- As reported by the company press office, Sollers subsidiary UAZ Autocomponent has been named as the supplier of crankshaft castings by the car manufacturer Hyundai Manufacturing Rus. Approximately

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Russian electric car market decreased by 18% within the first half of 2020

Autostat.- The electric car market in Russia has amounted to 121 units within the first half of 2020, indicating 18% year-on-year decrease, down from 147 units in 2019. Nissan Leaf

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Nissan production has shrunk in Russia by 39% within the first half of 2020

  Autostat.- Nissan has manufactured 19.560 automobiles in Russia within the first half of 2020, which is equivalent to a 39% decline. The relevant statement has been made by the

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Production shrank by a third at Lada Izhevsk factory within the first half of 2020

  Finmarket.- Lada Izhevsk car factory (part of Avtovaz Group) has manufactured 42,603 vehicles within the January-June period of 2020, as reported by the press service of the government of

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Hyundai has filed a petition with the FAS to acquire the GM plant in Russia

  Interfax.- The Russian manufacturing subsidiary of the OEM: Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus (HMMR) has filed a petition with the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) to obtain the ownership of the

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The number of car dealer centres fell by 228 during the first half of 2020

  Autostat.- According to the survey conducted by Autostat, there are 3152 official dealer centres for car sales and services in the Russian Federation, as of the beginning of July

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Changan will assemble CS75 FL crossovers in Belarus

  Autostat.- Changan CS75 FL crossover will become the second model to be manufactured by the company in Belarus. The relevant Vehicle Type Approval has been issued by the Republic

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The production of KIA K5 sedans has been launched in Russia

  RNS.- The South Korean manufacturer has started the assembly of the new KIA K5 sedans, which will replace KIA Optima, at Kaliningrad Avtotor plant, as reported by the press

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Ukrainian ZAZ has resumed Lada production

  RBK.- Avtovaz has resumed the shipment of Lada car kits to the Ukrainian ZAZ enterprise, which assembles the Russian vehicles for the local market. The car factory in Russia