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Nobel Automotive Russia has expanded its range of production

RusAutoNews.Com – Nobel Automotive Russia, operating at Tolyatti SEZ since August 2014, has expanded its production range. The production has already started and the first party of components for the fuel


ZMZ will invest 1.6 billion rubles in the development of new turbocharged engines

Kommersant – Zavolzhye Engine Factory (of Sollers Group) has begun to develop a new family of turbocharged petrol engines of Euro-5 and Euro-6 classes. The relevant statement has been made

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Russia cancels tariffs on certain components for gas engine vehicles

Autostat – Russia cancels tariffs on certain components for gas engine vehicles. Eurasian Economic Commission has decided to abolish the 3% import duties on gas injectors supplying fuel to cylinders,


A plastic car component factory has been opened in Moscow Region

RusAutoNews.Com – On April 22nd, the GMD Group inaugurated its new Russian plant (Eurostyle Systems Klin) in the presence of  the prime minister of the Moscow Oblast Vadim Khromov,  the Mayor of Klin


Car tyre imports to Russia have fallen by more than 30% in 2015

Autostat – 13.76 million car tyres have been imported to Russia in 2015. This is equivalent to a 31% year-on-year decline. Devaluation of the ruble was the main reason behind


Atsumitec Toyota Tsusho Rus factory has been opened in Tolyatti

Autostat – Japanese company: Atsumitec Toyota Tsusho Rus  (ATTR) has opened a plant in Tolyatti SEZ on 13 April. The company manufactures gear shift drive control mechanisms for the automotive

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Mazda Sollers is the first manufacturer to sign the industrial assembly analogue agreement

Vedomosti – The Ministry of Industry and Commerce Interdepartmental Commission has approved the first federal special investment agreement, signed by the Mazda Sollers Manufacturing Rus joint venture (with 50%-50% partnership)


Gestamp has opened its fourth plant in Russia

Autostat – Gestamp has opened its fourth plant in Russia: “Edscha Tolyatti” on 10 March, which will manufacture hinges for doors, tailgates, trunk lids and bonnets. The new facility, established

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KAMAZ will create a new inline engine in 2017

Autostat – KAMAZ intends to create a new inline engine in 2017 and start the first stage of production in 2019, manufacturing 12,000 engines annually. As stated by the company

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Bridgestone Russia will establish a factory in Ulyanovsk Region in May

TASS – Bridgestone Russia is opening its first factory in Russia and CIS in Ulyanovsk region in May. The relevant statement has been made by the governor of Ulyanovsk region: