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Government Import Export Industry

Car plants are the main beneficiaries of the new government support system

  Vedomosti.- Metallurgists and car manufacturers will receive more than half of the government support to be allocated within the framework of the recently developed universal mechanism of industrial subsidies,

Government Import Export Industry

Government has abolished almost all targeted subsidies for the automotive industry

  TASS.- All targeted subsidies for the automotive industry will be cancelled apart from logistics, as told by the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak to journalists following a meeting with

Government Industry Passenger cars

Renault-Nissan-Avtovaz alliance may sign a SPIC by the end of the year

  Autostat. – The Ministry of Industry and Commerce plans to sign a Special Investment Contract (SPIC) with the Renault-Nissan-Avtovaz alliance under the conditions of the current investment regime, along

Commercial vehicles Government Market

Government will allocate an additional 5 billion rubles for school buses

  Autostat. – The Russian government has passed a draft decree on the additional purchase of ambulances and school buses. According to the statement of the cabinet, an allocation of

Government Market

The government has extended the preferential car loans programme

  RusAutoNewsCom. – The duration of the preferential car loans programme has been extended to the 2018-2020 period, as published by the Russian Government. The preferential car loan programme has been

Government Market

The government will increase the car utilisation fees

Kommersant – The rise in car utilisation fees will go well over 15% in some segments from February onwards, as told by the Vice Prime Minister: Arkady Dvorkovich previously. According

Government Industry

Government will tighten controls over localisation in car production

RusAutoNews.Com – Russian Government will tighten controls over localisation in car production. The Ministry of Industry and Commerce has formulated the eligibility conditions for the new government support regime in the

Government Import Export

Russian car exporters will be exempt from VAT and customs tax

Kommersant – As a result of the amendments to the TAX Code in November, Russian car exporters are entitled to new benefits, as told by a source form the market

Electric vehicles Government

The cancellation of transport tax for electric cars has been turned down

Kolesa.ru – The State Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes has refused to grant transport tax exemption to electric cars owners, as of the beginning of 2018. Such an initiative was

Electric vehicles Government

Russian government has proposed transport tax exemption for electric vehicles

Interfax – The government of Russian Federation has brought an amendment to the Tax Code to the State Duma, proposing exemption from transport tax payments for electric vehicles from 2018 onwards.