The merger of KamAZ and MAZ seems unlikely

The merger of KamAZ and MAZ seems unlikely – The merging project of KamAZ and MAZ seems to have failed due to differences between Russian and Belarusian laws. According to sectoral experts, the negotiations have continued up to today thanks to the political agreement reached by the two countries previously. No real cooperation perspective exists between the truck manufacturers.

Belarusian Vice President: Vladimir Semashko is of the opinion that upon request a series of amendments can be made in laws of both countries, in order to solve the problem. However, according to Semashko, the Russian side has doubts about the feasibility of such a scenario.

VTB Kapital analyst: Vladimir Bespalov has made the following comment to news portal: “A few years ago KamAZ seemed to have been interested in the project, because they wanted to benefit from MAZ technology. However, the technology problem has now been solved with Daimler. Therefore, KamAZ has lost interest in MAZ. On the contrary, MAZ is still eager for the partnership, because the Russian market has key importance for the company.”