The number of electric cars in Russia is below 500

The number of electric cars in Russia is below 500

RusAutoNews.Com – According to Autostat data, there are only 486 electric cars in Russia, as of mid-2015.

Mitsubishi i-MiEV is the leader of the electric car park in the country with 217 vehicles. Tesla occupies the second spot with 122 vehicles. The pair is followed by Nissan Leaf with 86 vehicles. The number of AVTOVAZ model El-Lada is 49. There are 12 Renault Twizy, registered in traffic.

The number of electric cars in Russia is approaching 1 million worldwide, in the meantime. This segment of the market achieves an approximate growth of 70-80% every year. Electric cars are most popular in USA, Japan, Norway and Sweden.

On the other hand, according to portal, a charging station for electric cars has been opened yesterday in a park owned by the municipality in Moscow, within the frame of a new project. The pilot project, run by the partnership of Moscow city administration and Rosseti company, proposes the establishment of 150 charging stations throughout the city.

The number of charging stations in the city is expected to reach 200 by 2017. The government plans to establish 1000 charging stations in ten regions of the country, by the end of 2018.