Putin has highlighted the advantages of gas vehicles over electric cars

Putin has highlighted the advantages of gas vehicles over electric cars

RusAutoNews.Com – Gas vehicles are a more ecological form of transport, in comparison with electric cars, as stated by Vladimir Putin at his annual “Direct Line” TV appearance,  published by the Kremlin press office.

“The topic has a certain specific character for us: a primary source in the world is needed, in order to produce electro-energy to charge the electric vehicles. Paradoxically, coal is mostly used for the production of electro-energy, which is by no means the most ecologically friendly kind of primary fuel. For our country, as well as others in my opinion, gas seems to be much more environmentally friendly. For the purpose of improving the ecological situation in this area, we have to shift to gas vehicles and encourage developments in this direction throughout the world” – said the president.

According to Putin, the lack of a sufficient number of gas filling stations is the main problem. “Organisation of gas stations is the primary task ahead of us. The solution of the problem is under the responsibility of Gazprom. In principal, the transition is supported by the government and the regional administrations, however, this is not enough for an economically viable implementation of this type of transport. Much will depend on the work on the ground” – said Putin.

Alongside with that, the president has promised to work in this direction. “The network of gas stations are a lot more widespread in some countries, compared to Russia. Despite being a gas producing country, we are lagging behind in this field. We are concentrating our efforts on the problem and will definitely move in this direction”- concluded Vladimir Putin.

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