KAMAZ has launched the production of aluminium fuel tanks

KAMAZ has launched the production of aluminium fuel tanks


RusAutoNewsCom.- As reported the company press office, Kamaz has started the production of aluminium fuel tanks with volumes from 200 to 800 litres. The annual production capacity of the new facility will be 35,000 units. In the meantime, the universal line allows the production of both aluminium and steel tanks.

“This year, we’ll launch the production of a new generation of Kamaz vehicles, which will be significant for the company. Besides the economic aspect, it is important that our own line of aluminum fuel tanks will allow us to monitor the quality of the components in real-time as an essential component of Kamaz vehicles, as well as improving their design in response to growing consumer demand. In addition, this is another step by the company to implement the strategy of import substitution, which is carried out in cooperation with the Industrial Development Fund” – as stated by the General Director of Kamaz Sergei Kogogin.

“The total budget for the project amounts to 544 million rubles, 230 million rubles of which is a loan from the Industry Development Fund. The preferential financing has helped Kamaz localise the modern production of aluminium fuel tanks in Russia and the company now manufactures the high-quality import-substituting products independently. The project, which is important for both Kamaz and the region, has become the 150th production process launched through the loans issued by the Fund” – said the director of Foundation for Enterprise Restructuring and Financial Institutions Development, Roman Petrutsa. 

The aluminium fuel tanks are used in commercial vehicles for linehaul, intercity and urban transport. The reduction in weight in comparison with steel fuel tanks, corrosion resistance and fire safety are amongst the advantages of the aluminium tanks. Thanks to the implementation of the project, Kamaz will not be importing aluminum tanks from Austria anymore. The usage of the own production aluminium tanks will allow the company to save approximately 500 million rubles per year or from 10 to 18 rubles per tank. 

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