Government is studying the export of Zetta electric car to 5 countries

Government is studying the export of Zetta electric car to 5 countries


TASS.- The Ministry of Industry and Commerce is studying the export opportunities of the Russian Zetta electric car to India, Pakistan, Jordan, Egypt and Germany, as told by the press office of the Ministry to TASS.

“The innovative character of the project and the high competitiveness of the product increase our expectations on the export potential of the vehicle. The presentation process of Zetta in India, Pakistan, Jordan, Egypt and Germany is being studied at the moment” – as stated by the Ministry.

The certification process of the vehicle is currently at its final stage. “The equipment for the first batch of the mass production vehicles has been prepared and the serial assembly technology is being developed” – as emphasised by the press office.

As reminded by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, subsidies in the amount of 285 million rubles were allocated on the support of the Zetta project within the 2017-2018 period, aimed at the development of research and development. The company has also received a preferential credit of 49.5 million rubles from the Monocities Development Fund.

As stated by the general director of Zetta Denis Shurovsky previously, the Industrial Development Fund has refused the project on 100 million rubles budgetary loan, leading to the postponement of the start of the Zetta electric car project, which was scheduled for the end of 2020.

“Certain problems are currently being faced by the company, due to the situation in relation with the spread of the coronavirus pandemic and an additional investment of 100 million rubles is required in order to shift to mass production. The aforementioned amount can be provided by not only state enterprises, but also private companies” – as told by the Ministry.

The first serial production Zetta electric car will be manufactured at the Togliatti plant. Zetta will be produced as a compact three-door electric car. The vehicle will have a maximum velocity of 120 km/h. The basic version of Zetta will cost 550,000 rubles.