The first Russian electric crossover Kama-1 will be released in 2021

The first Russian electric crossover Kama-1 will be released in 2021


Avtonovostidnya.- Scientists from the St Petersburg Polytechnic and engineers from Kamaz have developed the first Russian make mass production electric crossover. The model will be put on the Russian market under the name of Kama-1 in 2021 with an approximate price tag of 1 million rubles. 

“We have developed a full-fledged vehicle, a 3.4 m long, 1.7m wide compact crossover. The car has been designed for four people and a luggage compartment. Kama-1 is aimed at the mass market” – said Oleg Klyavin, the chief designer of the CompMechLab Engineering Centre to Izvestiya newspaper. 

The new electric car, which already arrived in the base, will be equipped with an energy-intensive 33-kW battery and be able to travel 250 km around the city in one charge. The journey range will go up to 300 km along the highway. The accumulator can be charged 70-80%  in approximately 20 minutes. 

The new electric crossover will not lag behind the traditional petrol engine cars in terms of speed. Kama-1 will reach 60km/h only in 3 seconds from the start and the maximum velocity will reach 150 km/h. 

The final test experiments will be conducted on Kama-1 vehicles in the beginning of December and the presentation of the vehicle will take place at an Exhibition in Moscow on December 10-11.