The head of Renault has spoken about the new generation Lada Niva

The head of Renault has spoken about the new generation Lada Niva


RBK .- The head of Renault: Luca de Meo has talked about the new global crossover during an interview with Automotive News, which will be released under Dacia, Lada and Renault brands in various versions. The concept car Bigster has become the forerunner of the new range, making its debut in January 2021.

Each brand will manufacture its own specific model, as stated by de Meo, distinctive of the products of the other enterprises. 85% of the components and assemblies used in the automobiles will be identical, on the other hand.

The new vehicles will be built on an extended version of the modular platform CMF-B, which formed the basis for the third generation Dacia Logan and Sandero. The head of Renault has stated that the sales of the crossovers based on the same platform should exceed 1 million units each year, according to the plans.

The next generation of the Niva model will be manufactured under the Lada brand name in Russia. As emphasised by de Meo, the new vehicle will be able to cope with off-road conditions better than Dacia Bigster. The exterior of the new Niva will be designed using certain retro-style elements, similar to Renault 5 for example, which is being revived as an electric car.

“Our vision for the new Lada Niva is a vehicle with good cross-country ability, which is adapted to serious loads and tough conditions. Niva will be comparable to Suzuki Jimny in that respect” – head of Renault said.

Avtovaz has published the first teaser of the new Lada Niva previously, the premier of which will take place in 2024. The model will be released in a minimum number of two versions: the standard one and the serious off-road vehicle with a clearance up to 240mm. According to unofficial data, the engine lineup will be formed of a 1.8-litre naturally aspirated engine, operating in conjunction with a six-speed manual gearbox or an infinitely variable transmission. In addition, Niva will have a modification with a 1.3-litre turbo four from Renault Arkana and Kaptur. In the meantime, the output of the powerplant will be reduced to 130 hp from 150 hp.