Czech manufacturer COMBATRA plans to produce electric vehicles in Russia

Czech manufacturer COMBATRA plans to produce electric vehicles in Russia


RusAutoNews.- The Czech company Combatra has come up with a new concept of a Small Electric Vehicle (SEV) for urban transportation. The company is planning to manufacture its electric vehicles in Russia, as told by the company manager Miloslav Kolomazník to RusAutoNews.

Combatra is searching for enthusiastic partners in Russia to jump on the moving train of electromobility and follow up the successful ride of Tesla, Rivian and others,“ said Kolomazník. 

The initial standard production unit will have an annual capacity of 6000 vehicles.

The production process will be equipped with in-house technology, which will reduce the CapEx and ensure a very short return of investment. Once the market position is consolidated, the capacity can easily be increased, due to the sophisticated design of electric vehicles, which are made of a minimum amount of parts,” stated Kolomazník.

The demand for small vehicles went up considerably due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to factors such as; heavy traffic, noise and air pollution. Combatra has developed a simple “L” category (L6 maximum 45km/h, 6kW or L7 maximum 80k/h, 15 kW) ecological vehicle for urban usage, which requires minimum maintenance at a minimum operation cost. The basic version is equipped with features necessary for driving and safety only. The body of the vehicle is made of a light, firm and cheap thermoplastic for the cost effectiveness and practicality of the production process, eliminating painting shop costs and the light self-supporting chassis is manufactured from specially designed aluminium profiles. Due to the atypically slantwise allocated seats, the length of the vehicle is only 2500 mm, which enables perpendicular kerbside parking. 

The 2-seater SEV features an attractive and atemporal modern body and has an unusually large boot (430 litres) for such a small car. 

The delivery van derived from this basic version has a 900 litres cargo compartment. It’s possible to connect a unique trailer on the vehicle once the cargo compartment is dismounted. The trailer is equipped with its own batteries, 2 engines and photovoltaic panels in order to charge the batteries after putting the trailer out of operation, which enables the usage of the solo vehicle in the surroundings. 

The vehicle is equipped with an original suspension unit, which functions concurrently as a shock absorber and a spring, thereby, eliminating an arm, a spring and a shock absorber.

A vacuum pressing technology will be invented for the production of the exterior and interior parts, for the purpose of cost efficiency. The electric equipment (engines, battery, charger, BMS) have been designed and debugged by Liberec Technical University. The adjustable 120 – 160 km travel range with 16 kW battery is sufficient for urban journeys. The SEV will be popular amongst distribution services (pizza, couriers etc), the post, the police, the city administration (the advantage of easy parking, unlimited access to the city centre, cheap operation due to charging at own premises), car-sharing and car rental companies, as well as the young people who take advantage of the possibility to drive L6 electric vehicles from the age of 15, senior citizens and families as a second car for shopping and commute and as a means of  transport in the town instead of public transportation. The operation cost of a SEV is very low, bringing considerable savings compared to other types of vehicles. Most of the world’s megacities prefer and support the operation of the SEV.

The SEV has the potential to become a symbol of independence for the young and a fashion icon, emphasising the ecological approach of the company, on the other hand. The Small Electric Vehicles seem to be the future of individual city transport.

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