Updated strategy for the development of the automotive industry 2025

Updated strategy for the development of the automotive industry 2025

Rus AutoNews.com – The Ministry of Industry and Commerce has presented the updated strategy for the development of the automotive industry, calculated up to the year 2025.

As told by the minister Denis Manturov, a production capacity of 3.2 million units of advanced vehicles has been created by Russian car manufacturers and the world’s largest auto companies as of today. However, the industry’s focus is mostly on the domestic demand, which is down, due to the falling purchasing activity. The output has gone down by 40-45% as a result, as reported by the press office of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

The development of automotive industry exports is the first step. In this aspect, a project has been proposed and already supported by the government, involving long-term support for manufacturers in all stages of entry to target markets. The implementation of the project would allow an increase in automobile supplies to foreign markets by a half, by the end of 2018.

The stimulation of the production of auto components at all levels is the second key area. There’s a dependency on foreign suppliers in this segment, especially in passenger cars, where the localisation rates of auto components range from 30 to 55%.

According to Denis Manturov, it’s planned to put more emphasis on research and development as specified in the strategy, in order to overcome this dependency. The problem is associated with a set of complex measures, as to the building of a new system of vocational qualifications in the automotive industry, taking the global technological trends and challenges into account. The strategy is in synchronisation with the roadmaps of AutoNet and TechNet National Technology Initiative, considering the set of innovations and with regards to the formation of engineering competence.

The ministry expects a 7% rise in production in 2017. The subsidies on automotive industry will also be kept, at the level of 62.3 billion rubles.