AVTOVAZ will present three new and updated Lada models in 2018

AVTOVAZ will present three new and updated Lada models in 2018

Interfax – AVTOVAZ plans to present three new and updated models in 2018, as stated by the head of the company Nicolas Maure. 

All models, displayed at Moscow International Auto Show in 2016, except X-code, can be launched for production within a reasonable time. Three models are planned for 2018, all new and updated” – Maure said. 

Maure has reminded that Vesta estate and its crossover version Cross will be presented in summer, which will be put on the market this autumn. The implementation of the projects for the new generations of the Lada 4×4 and Granta is planned thereafter, according to the chairman. 

Maure has added that there are ongoing negotiations with Renault, as to the production launch of the classic automatic transmission. “No decision has been taken at the moment, however, it would be nice to realise the production of neat automatic transmissions in the coming years. Currently, we are in the decision making process on the type of the transmission and the potential production volumes”  – he said. AVTOVAZ previously manufactured Lada Granta automobiles equipped with an automatic Jatco box, the production of which was discontinued later on.

As told by an Interfax source earlier, AVTOVAZ plans to start the production of Lada Vesta station wagon at its production site in Izhevsk in July 2017, to be followed by the crossover version of the model: Lada Vesta SW Cross after two months. “The launch of the production of Lada Vesta estate is planned for July at Lada Izhevsk and Lada Vesta SW Cross for September, also in Izhevsk” – said the source of the agency, highlighting the preliminary plans to manufacture 3000 units of each model until the end of 2017.