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AVTOVAZ will present three new and updated Lada models in 2018

Interfax – AVTOVAZ plans to present three new and updated models in 2018, as stated by the head of the company Nicolas Maure.  All models, displayed at Moscow International Auto Show


LADA sales up by 63% in EU during the first quarter

Autostat –  A total number of 1142 new LADA automobiles have been sold in EU countries within the January-March 2017 period. The sales figure indicates a 63.1% year-on-year rise. 504

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Lada sales up by 8% in the first quarter of 2017

RusAutoNews.Com – Lada has summarised the sales results for the first quarter of 2017. A total number of 61,477 passenger and commercial vehicles have been sold within three months, which indicates


Avtovaz plans to sell around 300,000 Lada cars in Russia in 2017

RusAutoNews.Com – Avtovaz plans to sell 280,000-300,000 Lada automobiles in Russia in 2017, as told by the company chairman Nicolas Maure at the Tatarstan International Automotive Forum, TIAF supported by Automechanika.


Russian used car market has grown by 6% in 2016

Autostat – Russian used car market has grown by 6% in 2016. 5.19 million second hand vehicles have been sold in Russia in 2016, according to Autostat data, which is equivalent

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Market share of Lada reached 20% in 2016

RusAutoNews.Com – According to December sales figures published by Avtovaz, the share of Lada in Russian automobile market amounted to 20.4% (as calculated by the company), which indicates a 3.2% year-on-year


Daewon will open its second factory in Russia

RusAutoNews.Com –  Avtovaz has reached an agreement with Daewon, which manufactures car seat frames for LADA Vesta, about the organisation of production in Izhevsk. The relevant statement has been made


Avtovaz intends to release 8 new Lada models in 10 years

RusAutoNews.Com – The model range of Lada will be expanded with new models in the next decade, including an ultra-budget model. “We are getting ready to renew our Lada model range in


AvtoVAZ plans to develop two new C-class Lada models

RBK – Russian car manufacturer AvtoVAZ plans to extend its product range with two new C-class models, one large sedan and one crossover. According to Avtosreda, the company has already started


Lada has increased prices once more

Vedomosti – Avtotor has announced an average price increase of 4.8% on all models, as of 4 March. Lada 4×4 has the lowest increase rate, with 2.4%. The highest increase