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AVTOVAZ has transferred the company from Dutch to the Russian jurisdiction

  Interfax.- The transfer of the Avtovaz joint venture from Dutch to Russian jurisdiction has been completed. The relevant statement has been made by the press office of Rostec to

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AVTOVAZ has published a teaser of an unknown LADA model

  Rambler.- The press office of Avtovaz has published a teaser image of a LADA model on social media, with only the silhouette of the vehicle visible on the screen.

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AVTOVAZ has under-produced by 100,000 vehicles in 2021

  AvtoNovostiDnya.- Due to systematic downtimes caused by component shortages, Avtovaz has under-produced by approximately 100,000 vehicles this year. According to various estimates, these losses compare to three-months sales volume

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LADA Granta: 10 years on the conveyor

  RusAutoNews.- Since the launch of its production on 29 November 2011, Lada Granta has become the most affordable and popular car in Russia. Granta has been created as a

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LADA sales has declined by 31% in October 2021

  RusAutoNews.- As reported by Avtovaz press office, 25,573 units Lada passenger cars and light commercial vehicles have been sold in Russia in October 2021, indicating a 30.9% year-on-year decline.

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The Niva Red Legend Team will show up at the the Dakar-2022 rally

  RusAutoNews.- The Niva Red Legend Team, a private team from Switzerland, has presented their 1984 Lada Niva car, ar reported by Avtovaz press office. The team will perform at

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AVTOVAZ starts serial car assembly in Uzbekistan

  RusAutoNews.- As reported by the company press office, Avtovaz has started the serial assembly of several Lada models together with its Uzbek pertner Roodell. The first produced models Vesta,

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AVTOVAZ has announced the launch of five new automobiles

  RBK.- Avtovaz plans to launch five new automobiles within the next four years. The relevant statement has been made by the current chairman of Avtovaz Nicolas Maure, via a