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AVTOVAZ has registered new names for future Lada vehicles

  RG.ru.- Avtovaz has registered another set of new trading names for future Lada models with the Russian Agency for Patents and Trademarks: Aura, Alta, Iskra, Mira, Avira, Sfera. The

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Lada production fell by 27% in Izhevsk within the first 9 months of 2020

  Finmarket.- Izhevsk Automobile Plant (part of Avtovaz Group) has manufactured 71,240 units Lada vehicles within the January-September period of 2020, as stated by the Udmurtia Region Minister of Industry

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Avtovaz will manufacture 600,000 cars per year on its new CMF-B-LS platform

  Drom.ru.- Avtovaz plans to manufacture 600,000 vehicles on a yearly basis on the newly built Renault-Nissan CMF-B-LS platform, according to the internal documents of the company. The aforementioned quantity

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AVTOVAZ has manufactured the 30 millionth LADA automobile

RusAutoNewsCom.- The 30 millionth LADA automobile has rolled off the conveyor of Avtovaz on 24 September 2020, as announced by the company press office. The vehicle was a red Granta

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Production shrank by a third at Lada Izhevsk factory within the first half of 2020

  Finmarket.- Lada Izhevsk car factory (part of Avtovaz Group) has manufactured 42,603 vehicles within the January-June period of 2020, as reported by the press service of the government of

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Ukrainian ZAZ has resumed Lada production

  RBK.- Avtovaz has resumed the shipment of Lada car kits to the Ukrainian ZAZ enterprise, which assembles the Russian vehicles for the local market. The car factory in Russia

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Russian Post has made an order of more than 1000 Lada Largus vans

  RusAutoNewsCom.- As announced by the company press office, Avtovaz has begun the shipping of a large consignment of Lada Largus for Russian Post. More than 1000 vehicles (vans and

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The reasons behind the EU exit of LADA have been revealed

  Rambler.- The deliveries of one of the most technologically advanced Russian export products, Lada vehicles, have been stopped to Europe. The reasons behind the decision have been explained by

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AVTOVAZ will develop new engines for Lada

  Rambler.- Avtovaz will develop new engines for Lada. The current engine range of Avtovaz has not undergone major changes since 2018, when the management of the plant stated that

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AVTOVAZ has suspended the financing of its projects

  Rambler.- As believed by the representatives of Avtovaz, investments in the new projects will be frozen until 30 June. The order on the decision has already been signed at