AVTOVAZ will develop new engines for Lada

AVTOVAZ will develop new engines for Lada


Rambler.- Avtovaz will develop new engines for Lada. The current engine range of Avtovaz has not undergone major changes since 2018, when the management of the plant stated that the engines were sufficient to meet the customer demands. The existing range has only been modernised within the last couple of years.

In accordance with the order issued by the head of Avtovaz, which was published by the Interactive Media Publications, the company has started work on a new line of engines. The project is listed as New PWT range Development Line-Up and Non-Line-Up in the factory documentation. It’s not yet known whether the engines will be used in the equipment of the new Lada range.

Information on the suspension of new projects until 30 June is also included in the order. It’s noted that the suspension will not affect the range of new engines, the work on which will continue according to the schedule. The development of key projects will also be carried out without interruptions, the upgrading of Largus, Vesta and the former Chevrolet Niva, which will be renamed as Lada Niva, in particular.

The new line of powertrains will be introduced between 2021-2026, according to plans.

Avtovaz is working on the modernisation of the most expensive Lada 4×4 Bronto. The SUV will be upgraded in the second half of the year and catch up with the rest of the components, which survived the re-styling in 2019.