Russian car market has decreased by 18% in October 2021

Russian car market has decreased by 18% in October 2021

RusAutoNews.- As announced by the AEB Automobile Manufacturers Committee, the Russian car market has decreased by 18.1%, or by 27,960 units year-on-year in October 2021, amounted to 126,204 vehicles.

Within the January – October period of this year 1,313,579 cars were sold in total, 124,808 units or 10.5% more than last year’s figure.

Thomas Staertzel, Chairman of the committee has commented: “October is the 4th month in a row when the market has been decreasing. In October 2021 only 126,204 cars and LCVs were sold. This is by 18.1% less than a year ago. Sales of cars and LCVs from January to October 2021 amount to 1,313,579 units which is 10.5% above the same period of the previous year. There is still a long way to overcome the global production shortage and new problems with logistics due to breaks of the supply chains.

Positive and worth mentioning is that, despite of all the difficulties, the BEV segment continues its growth with the year to date sales of 845 vehicles, which is already 118% higher than the total sales of 2020. The positive BEV sales dynamic fosters the development of the charging infrastructure and helps distributors to bring more and also more affordable BEV models to the Russian market. Of course, the rising BEV market segment can be later occupied by locally produced models. This positive development could be significantly undermined by a non-prolongation of 0-import customs duty for BEVs during the next years with then BEV prices increase, leading to decline of customer demand and respective stagnation of the BEV sales dynamic. Also some OEMs might delay there BEV model launches in Russia due to higher cost for smaller than planned sales volumes. Therefore, our Committee is convinced that the prolongation of the 0-import customs duty for BEVs is mutually beneficial for all market participants and the Government.”

Lada was still the most popular brand of the Russian car market in October with 25,573 units sold, although the sales of the brand has dropped 31% year-on-year. Second and third spots are occupied by the Korean brands Kia with 16,027 units and Hyundai with 13,162 units. Lada Vesta was the most popular car model in October with 10,261 units sold.

Top 10 best-selling car brands in October 2021:

1-Lada. 2-Kia. 3-Hyundai. 4-Renault. 5-Toyota. 6-GAZ LCV. 7-Nissan. 8-Haval. 9-Volkswagen. 10-Chery.

Top 10 best-selling car models in October 2021:

1-Lada Vesta. 2-Lada Granta. 3-Kia Rio. 4-Hyundai Solaris. 5-Hyundai Creta. 6-Toyota RAV4. 7-Lada Largus. 8-Skoda Rapid. 9-Renault Duster. 10-Toyota Camry.

All 10 models are manufactured in Russia.

Please see the AEB Press-Release for detailed Russian car market figures.