The Chairman of AVTOVAZ: the design of the new Lada Niva has been developed

The Chairman of AVTOVAZ: the design of the new Lada Niva has been developed


RG.- The chairman of Avtovaz Nicolas Maure has summed up the results of the past year in his customary New Year’s greetings, not forgetting to mention the future plans, which include the new Lada Niva.

According to Nicolas Maure, the preparations for the launch of the new generation SUV are already underway: the design has been agreed upon, however, it will be kept as a secret strictly by Avtovaz during the next couple of years.

“Within the duration of the aforementioned period, the engineering department will work on the technical aspects of the model and its industrialisation” – Nicolas Maure said.

As one may remember, the chief designer of the brand: Jean-Phillip Salard had stood next to the vehicle covered with a canopy during his video presentation. As suggested by RG at the time, the prototype of the new generation Lada Niva was hidden under the white covering. The first image of the concept of the future SUV was shown at the beginning of the year, but currently it remains unknown how much it corresponds to the actual vehicle that will be released in the market in a few years time. Proclamation of a new design philosophy may have been the reason behind the demonstration of the Lada Niva Vision at the time, which excludes the current brand “X” by Steve Mattin.

As is known, the new Lada Niva will be presented in two versions: with short and long wheel-bases. The second version has been tentatively named as Grand Niva by the president of Avtovaz. The automobiles are based on the CMF-B platform, which enables the installation of powertrains in compliance with European standards, since the SUVs are directly aimed to be exported to the EU countries.