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AVTOVAZ returned to a full working week

  Motor ru.- Avtovaz was given back a five-day working week – it started on August 15. Previously, the plant had a four-day work schedule beginning June 6 and scheduled

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AVTOVAZ has created a unified car assembly plant

  RusAutoNews.- Avtovaz signed an order to build a single car assembly plant, as reported by Avtograd News, attaching a scan of the document itself to the post. The document

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AVTOVAZ is looking for suppliers from Asian countries

  RusAutoNews.- “Avtovaz is looking for suppliers from Asian countries,” told the Governor of the Samara region Dmitry Azarov to Interfax. He said that the problems of the carmaker are

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AVTOVAZ will resume the car production

  RusAutoNews.- Avtovaz will resume the production of Lada Granta and Lada Niva Legend models on March 16, as reported by RIA Novosti. Both Togliatti and Izhevsk plants of the

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LADA Granta: 10 years on the conveyor

  RusAutoNews.- Since the launch of its production on 29 November 2011, Lada Granta has become the most affordable and popular car in Russia. Granta has been created as a

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Faurecia has established a new enterprise in Togliatti

  Autostat.- French company Faurecia has opened a car seat factory in Togliatti SEZ on 24 June. The new plant has become the biggest production site of the company in

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“Russia has created the cheapest electric car in the world” – Zetta CM1

  La Vanguardia.- As reported by the spanish newspaper La Vanguardia, Russia has created the cheapest electric car in the world. The new electric car Zetta CM1 will be released

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The affiliate company of Avtovaz: GM-Avtovaz has changed its name

  RusAutoNewsCom.- As announced by Avtovaz press office, the affiliate company, formerly named as GM-Avtovaz, has been registered under the name of Lada Zapad Togliatti on 15 April. The logic

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Car production will be re-launched at AVTOVAZ on 13 April

  TASS.- Avtovaz plans to resume car production as of 13 April, as reported by TASS, quoting an official representative of the company. “The company has plans to re-activate its

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Avtovaz will reduce the speed of its assembly lines

  Autostat.- Avtovaz plans to reduce the speed of a number of assembly lines on the conveyor of its Togliatti plant as of mid-September. Vedomosti has made the relevant statement,