VW Group Rus will begin to supply EU with engines made in Russia

VW Group Rus will begin to supply EU with engines made in Russia

PrimeVW Group Rus plans to start the deliveries of 1.6 MPI petrol engines to European Union in 2018, the production of which is carried out at Kaluga Volkswagen factory, as told by the company to RIA Novosti on Monday.

“VW Group Rus will launch an export project in 2018 and deliver Kaluga production 1.6 MPI engines to the European Union. The 1.6 MPI petrol engines, manufactured in Kaluga, comply with the Euro-5 ecological standards and will further be supplied to markets following the implementation of relevant technical requirements” – said a representative of VW Group Rus.

As told by the representative of the Czech automotive group Skoda: Zdenek Stepanek to RIA Novosti, the company has decided to supply the European market with Skoda Octavia automobiles manufactured at the joint facility of Skoda and GAZ Group in Nizhny Novgorod.

As explained by a VW Group Rus representative on Monday, the development of similar export projects in future would only be possible, if the Russian government continues to stick with the calculation method of the average target value of local added value for local automakers – calculating the level of local added value according to car manufacturers, rather than each produced model separately.

“VW Group Rus production is currently deeply localised (the local added value level has reached 60%), however, further increase in target values will bring problems, when differences occur in the technical characteristics of models intended for other markets” – added the source.

VW Group Rus has opened the petrol engine plant in Kaluga on 4 September 2015. EA211 series 1.6 MPI petrol engine was the first product to roll off the production line in the plant.