“Russia has created the cheapest electric car in the world” – Zetta CM1

“Russia has created the cheapest electric car in the world” – Zetta CM1


La Vanguardia.- As reported by the spanish newspaper La Vanguardia, Russia has created the cheapest electric car in the world. The new electric car Zetta CM1 will be released at the end of the year with a price tag of approximately €5200. The vehicle has been developed by Russian Engineering and Manufacturing Company (REMC).

The company started the development of the project in 2017 and three years later the idea has come to life, resulting in the serial production of the vehicle. The car will initially appear on Russian roads, before being exported to other countries under the name of Zetta, as an abbreviation of Zero Emission Terra Transport Asset.

The small urban electric car has been designed for the upcoming new era, free from emissions or harmful substances in the atmosphere. The vehicle is suitable for everyday usage. It is a sufficiently compact four-seater automobile without back doors, at the dimensions of 3.03m length, 1.27m width and 1.6m height.


Zetta CM1 has been created as an everyday car, however, the vehicle has extra advantages: up to 200 km journey range in ECO regime with a maximum speed of 120 km/h. The engine power of the new electric car does not cause any complications, since 20 kW or 27 hp electric engines are installed at the hubs of each wheel. The electric car has a total capacity of 108 hp (80 kW), which allows the vehicle to reach a maximum velocity of 120 km/h. Besides the ability to reach high levels of speed, it can travel great distances at a single charge. Fully charged, the Russian production electric car will be able to cover a distance of up to 200 km in daily urban journeys. As announced by the company, the battery capacity of the electric vehicle is 10 kWh.

As stated by the developer of Zetta CM1, the initial annual production plan for the vehicle is 15,000 units. However, the representatives of the company expect this figure to rise in the forthcoming years. The production of the electric car will be launched in Togliatti, where the largest automobile brand of Russia Lada is manufactured. As confirmed by Zetta, the battery is the only foreign component in the vehicle, which will be imported from China.

The starting price of the electric car Zetta CM1 has been announced as 450,000 rubles – approximately €5230 – which will make the vehicle the cheapest in its category.

In reality, the Chinese company Changzhou Xili Vehicle has manufactured the Chang Li model at a price of approximately €1300, however, it should be noted that in terms of characteristics, the vehicle is much inferior to a conventional electric car. Chang Li has a capacity of 1.5 kW and the maximum speed of the Chinese product is only 30 km/h.