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The sales of local assembly Lada brand automobiles have started in Ukraine

  RusAutoNewsCom.- Russian Lada brand automobiles, assembled at Zaporozhye Automobile Plant (ZAZ), have been put on the Ukrainian market, as reported by Kommersant. The prices of the automobiles are between

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Russian bus market has declined by 30% in August 2020

Autostat.- Russian bus market (excluding LCVs) has amounted to 846 vehicles in August 2020, following a 30% year-on-year fall. PAZ has become the leader of the market, with about 70%

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AVTOVAZ has manufactured the 30 millionth LADA automobile

RusAutoNewsCom.- The 30 millionth LADA automobile has rolled off the conveyor of Avtovaz on 24 September 2020, as announced by the company press office. The vehicle was a red Granta

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UAZ SUV models are entering the Iranian automobile market The sales of UAZ SUV models Patriot, Pickup and Profi have started in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Soroush Diesel Mabna has become the distributor of the enterprise

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The Government expects a shrinkage between 25-30% in Russian car market

  Autostat.- The Russian Ministry of Industry and Commerce forecasts a decline of 25-30% in Russian car market in 2020, as told by minister Denis Manturov during an interview with

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GAZ has unveiled its new pre-serial GAZelle e-NN

RusAutoNewsCom.- GAZ Group has showcased its first pre-serial GAZelle e-NN vehicles – an executive-class minibus, a shuttle van and a crew van. The new model makes it possible to build

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The Russian car park has amounted to nearly 53 million units

  RusAutoNewsCom.- The Russian car park has amounted to nearly 53 million units as of July 2020, as stated by Autostat. Approximately 84.2% of the park is formed of passenger cars,

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Russian truck market has declined by 11% in August 2020

  RusAutoNewsCom. – Russian truck market has decreased by 10.5% in August 2020 in comparison with the same period of the previous year. According to Autostat 5,930 new trucks have

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KAMAZ exports up by 37% by the end of the first half of 2020

  Finmarket.- Kamaz has increased exports to the CIS countries by 70% year-on-year during the first half of 2020, despite major restrictive measures undertaken due to the Coronavirus. However, the

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The first Aurus Senat automobiles will be ready in May 2021

  TASS.- The first Elabuga assembly Aurus Senat automobiles will be available to customers in May 2021. The relevant statement has been made by the presidential press office of Tatarstan,